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Body protection flashlight is a new type of strong light led flashlight tool for safe travel
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:570

Strong light flashlight also has another name to call defend a body flashlight, it is the professional flashlight that is based on strong light flashlight and has defend a body function, nowadays most strong light flashlight is to have the function of protect a body from a body. Strong light flashlight, also known as LED strong light flashlight, is a new lighting tool with LED as the light source. The most commonly used defense function is to protect the eyes of the person who is threatened by the high frequency flash and strong light. The attack head in front of the flashlight has the function of attacking pain and uniform. Whether it is in the wild when encountering wild animals such as wolves, tigers and leopards, or when a person works overtime to walk in some remote places in the middle of the night and encounters an outsider, he can take out a strong light flashlight to flash and cause the opposite side to be blinded for an instant for justifiable defense.
There are many examples in real life. Once upon a time, a female friend of mine told me that when she came back from night school, the night was very dark. So she summoned the courage to yourself with a strong light flashlight came back, it was then that she saw, as if someone himself is a person, she felt very afraid of, have never thought the man has been coming towards her, this my friend very calm at this moment, she still remember the last time to buy the strong light flashlight, the salesman has said that the torch can be self-defense, later, my friend is according to the man to do that, the torch light directly to directly in the eyes of the unknown to man, later, the man is over your eyes, may be light as eye pain, at that moment, My friend hurriedly ran back, because of this, strong light flashlight saved her once, did not think that strong light flashlight is so practical.