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Tips for using LED lighting flashlight in daily life
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1670
In recent years, LED flashlights have slowly entered the civilian field. As one of the main energy-saving products of Led flashlight, Led flashlight has entered more and more families. Nowadays, many families must have a strong Led flashlight, because its high brightness, long range and rechargeable functions are the advantages of most flashlight purchases. Of course, if we don't pay attention to using LED flashlight, it will also bring some unnecessary troubles.
Don't turn on the LED flashlight on the plane on the night of July 6, 2007, at an airport security checkpoint in an area to take passengers from zh9711 to nanchang. Mr. Wu was found with a bright flashlight in his luggage during a security check. When the inspector turns on the luggage flashlight, the flashlight is in the open state and gives off a dazzling light. In the open state, the temperature is high and the fire risk is extremely easy.
Warm remind you: strong light flashlight is easy to heat up to produce high temperature objects, if in flight for a long time open process, very easy because of high temperature fire hazards. If there are passengers and goods or other hot goods that are prone to high temperature, please handle, not included in the safe passage. In order to reduce the trouble of passengers, passengers should not bring hot objects which are easy to get hot.