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The difference between high quality led flashlight and inferior product
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1687
The difference between a genuine led flashlight and a inferior one? Leds flashlight from dozens to hundreds of thousands, the price of the price difference is very big, the Led light flashlight with excellent impact resistance, fight against performance, light, energy saving, high brightness, the performance of different light Led flashlight price is different also, and many undesirable businessman counterfeit high-grade Led strong light flashlight, use inferior materials hold strong light flashlight sell like hot cakes. The difference between a genuine led flashlight and a low-quality one is simply a matter of quality:
1. Severe false brightness of high-intensity flashlight: this phenomenon is most common in low-quality led high-intensity flashlight. The false brightness of various parameters of the high-intensity flashlight is used to trick the white light. 2. Poor heat dissipation: no matter how much merchants boast about the heat dissipation capacity of their strong flashlight, they cannot cover the internal hollow circuit warehouse and rely on a small pressure ring to provide a tight heat dissipation mode. Never dare to produce a complete product disassembly diagram. It is important to note that it is not a sign of good heat dissipation that "a flashlight with a strong light for half an hour will not feel hot". There are many holes for the led flashlight, and it will fall in if you are not careful
3. Strong light flashlight quality gray: inferior led strong light flashlight to work than authentic light led flashlight, it's the same material, authentic led strong light flashlight casing with aerospace grade aluminum alloy material, high impact resistance and fighting ability, take in design, can self-defense can save his life, quite convenient, and inferior can only be used for lighting, presumably, other functions is very small.
Choose and buy led strong light flashlight must recognize the brand in the regular channel to buy, so that will not be pit.