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Application of outdoor bright led flashlight in different applications
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1881
An outdoor led flashlight has eight different USES. Nowadays, outdoor activities are very popular because they can relax our work pressure spirit, edify sentiment and achieve the effect of physical and mental health. With more and more outdoor activities, there are more and more strict requirements on outdoor tools. Every tool used corresponds to different needs and USES, including daya outdoor flashlight.
1. Outdoor strong light led flashlight on foot
You don't need too much brightness for hiking. As it takes a long time, you can choose to carry some flashlight conveniently and have a long endurance. In the general case, the flashlight needs to take into account the moderate concentration and floodlight. However, the team leader still needs a brighter flashlight and has a range that makes it easier to explore the terrain.
2. Camping outdoor bright led flashlight
The flashlight used for camping must shine well, and it has a low demand for brightness. However, it needs to choose a flashlight with a long battery life. It is better to keep lighting all night.
3. Night riding outdoor bright led flashlight
Because the night ride is fast, it needs good brightness, and it also has a high requirement for endurance. It is best to keep lighting for 4 hours. Floodlight is important for night riding, and the spotlight should not be too concentrated. The night rider electricity is not sensitive to the weight, so in order to meet the performance requirements, a large flashlight can be selected appropriately to pay more attention to whether it is conducive to operation and clamping. Night rider electricity, must choose not easy to jump gear flashlight, otherwise would rather choose a single - gear not to adjust the torch. Otherwise, in the severe turbulence, the flashlight jump gear, will bring unpredictable serious consequences! Now there are professional bicycle headlights, which can be used for camping lighting, cycling driving lighting, and hiking lighting. 4. Outdoor bright led flashlight for hunting
The brightness must be high, the battery life can be relatively short, and the flashlight had better be anti-impact and aggressive, so as not to be damaged by the impact of some recoil guns, and can protect yourself against danger. This type of flashlight does not have to be too wide to concentrate properly. There are professional hunting torches and tactical flashlights on the market. We can choose these specially designed torches.
5. Bright led
The demand for brightness is almost as bright as possible, and range is just as important, so weight and volume have to be a secondary consideration.
6. Diving outdoor led flashlight with strong light
The submersible flashlight emphasizes absolute waterproof and stability, high brightness, and enough lighting time (depending on the type of dive you're doing). The requirement to volume and weight is not strict, handhold lamps and lanterns are large enough to hold, use flexibility is good. The switch should be able to withstand water pressure (usually the button switch cannot resist water pressure, and the submersible flashlight is mostly rotary or toggle switch). In addition, had better have the hand rope with locking function that prevents to break off the hand to prevent accidental fall off.
7. Outdoor strong led flashlight with hole detection
The environment of the cave is more dangerous, and the rock reflectance in the cave is low, so the brightness must be high! There is water in the hole, generally requires a good waterproof character of the flashlight, and at the same time, the portable possible dangerous situation requires the flashlight to be strong and durable, able to withstand the impact of stone and fall without damage. 8. EDC outdoor bright led flashlight
The EDC carries a flashlight Every Day. This kind of flashlight is usually a mini standby flashlight, must be small and light, so that you can carry it with you at any time. In some emergencies, it's the kind of flashlight you carry around that can save your life. EDC flashlight due to the limitation of power supply volume, the general brightness will be lower. Some torches with gear adjustment will have a long battery life and not too many functions. This kind of flashlight is also suitable for home use.