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What kind of equipment do you need for outdoor sports?
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1664
What kind of equipment do you need for outdoor sports?
What you need to carry with you depends entirely on what kind of cabin you visit. There will be no need to consider supplies when choosing a service buffet. No matter what kind of cabin travel, you will always need clothing and equipment that covers all types of weather.
Although bad weather is reported, it may be sunny, and vice versa. In the mountains, you must prepare for the wind, snow and sleet, even in the summer.
Because security is an invaluable year. GPS is good except for maps and compass. What kind of food do you need?
You only need food and drink for one day and some emergency provisions.
Some people wear dry food bags, others choose fresh food, which may taste better - but it's hard to bear.
How to pack?
Always pack the heaviest items as close as possible. In steep, rugged terrain, increasing gravity is good because it makes it easier to maintain balance. Adjust the backpack so that you have a comfortable weight distribution between the shoulders and hips. Always make sure the weight is evenly distributed horizontally.
What you need along the way should be at the top of the bag. Whether in waterproof bags from sporting goods or construction trash bags, it may rain the cover.