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Four easy steps to distinguish: strong led flashlight than ordinary flashlight where good
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1774
What's better than an ordinary led flashlight? Strong light flashlight is a necessary outdoor equipment for outdoor sports fans, especially for those who like to ride and explore at night. A reliable, stable and high-quality strong light flashlight can make the night walk appear safer and the vision appears wider. Sometimes it can even play a vital role in danger.
At present, there are mainly conventional flashlight and tank007Led flashlight on the market. What is the difference between traditional flashlight and led flashlight? 1. Led strong light flashlight has low power consumption
Led itself is a feature of high efficiency and energy saving. At present, many families have gradually replaced traditional bulbs with led bulbs, which is reflected in the great advantages of flashlight's battery life and heating compared with traditional flashlight, and has significantly improved the endurance of flashlight.
2. Led flashlight with strong light is safe and environmentally friendly
Led bright flashlight does not contain harmful chemical elements such as mercury and xenon, does not produce ultraviolet ray, does not have radiation, the current is small enough to provide a powerful light source, has high safety coefficient for heating, and the led service life is very long, which saves the subsequent frequent replacement of bulbs and other maintenance costs.
3. Led flashlight with high brightness
Led flashlights generally use high strength and high quality light-emitting diodes (not included in this discussion are dozens of low-quality led handlights in the market). With the same number of watts, led brightness is much higher than that of ordinary high-intensity flashlight, and its use time is much better than that of traditional high-intensity flashlight.
4. High cost of led bright flashlight. Currently, one of the fatal weaknesses of led is its high cost, especially for high-quality flashlight. For example, tank007 detective led adopts original American chip CREE led, which is 70% more energy efficient than the general led bright flashlight in the market
Lamp bead is changed, wear out, power consumption waits for a respect to consider, one-time investment buys a quality outstanding, suit oneself flashlight is more cost-effective than buying general brand inferior flashlight. Strong flashlight wholesale, choose flashlight manufacturer wholesale, affordable price, large volume from the best. Welcome to inquire, at the same time support to sample torch processing.