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How to choose a good flashlight
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1736
In view of these shortcomings, many flashlight companies are paying more and more attention to the practicability and energy-saving features of the flashlight. Nowadays, there are many kinds of flashlight in the market, and there are many kinds of flashlight. But the same LED flashlight is different.
How to buy LED flashlight? Here are some key points for your reference:
1, see the flashlight casing, high-grade flashlight tube body is mostly aluminum alloy shell, material about the same, the main difference on the surface, most commonly a torch as long as no special purpose are common oxidation treatment, mainly black, gray. Some anti-wear don't rub off the surface of the flashlight requirements, then USES the level 3 oxidation treatment, surface hard, with a knife scraping also won't appear, but the price is relatively higher.
2. Look at the light source, the general crepad in the outdoor, with a service life of 100,000 hours, strong irradiation distance, slow attenuation speed, and a brand-new circuit optimized and designed.
Look at the welding, the welding should be strong. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by welding. If there is no good contact of virtual welding, it may cause the lamp bead to affect the overall use.
4. Looking at batteries, common batteries are seen, but with the improvement of the awareness of conditions, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are becoming more and more common in the market. Ordinary battery, long - term use, easy leakage of electricity; Other batteries are partially rechargeable, but have a low life. Lithium ion battery, rechargeable battery, low energy consumption, long life, can repeatedly charge and discharge more than 2000 times, low discharge rate.
5. See waterproof, good LED flashlight with waterproof function, good anti-seismic performance, namely anti-fall. As it belongs to electronic products, there is a circuit board in the front of the flashlight, which is easy to short-circuit once the water is in the water, causing damage.
Look at the aperture. The good LED flashlight aperture is a uniform circle, and the bad LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue. Beads concentrate light and concentrate as much as possible. This kind of flashlight is unlike common torchlight can adjust the focal length, when choosing, should pay attention not to have astigmatism phenomenon.
7. Look at the appearance, the design is practical and beautiful, and the workmanship is fine, making your journey more relaxed.