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Strong light flashlight manufacturer launched the product advantage
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:2046
Strong light flashlight is an outdoor lighting tool with high power led as light source. It is energy-saving, durable and high light aulet m20s-x. LED strong light flashlight light has two condenser, a photospot cup site, the convex lens, condenser cup spotlight effect is better, the light loss is small, light weight, can put the lamp holder part of the seal is very strict, improve the effect of waterproof, fly in the ointment is on the spot is not adjustable, so near to illuminate in the use of the area is small, and convex lens is one of the biggest advantage of stepless adjustable spot size, but it is difficult to achieve good waterproof, so general outdoor enthusiasts will according to the environment.
Zhongshan daya mobile lighting co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales of mobile lighting products. Company for many years committed to the r&d and production of high power and high brightness of the flashlight, especially the first domestic enterprise using xenon lamp as torch light, high-power xenon lamp, high brightness, and the advantages of pure natural light color temperature application in flashlight, bring a flashlight application breakthrough development, a flashlight is equivalent to a searchlight in the past, is the field rescue, maritime operations, mine field, disaster relief, fire control, a must-have in good outdoor adventures. With the continuous development of LED and the continuous maturity of high-power LED technology, our company is also in the leading position of the same industry in the r&d of high-power LED lighting products.
The company's products have received national invention patent, at the same time also made some international product certification, the company HID flashlight and high-power diving flashlight deeply the general consumer's affection, we continue to focus on high-tech, research and development and production of multifunctional flashlight, let science and technology brings to our life more convenient, make our life much better and brighter future.