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Security equipment in the security protection of strong light flashlight closer to the actual use
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1606
Security equipment in the security protection of strong light flashlight closer to the actual combat. Security equipment is now developing rapidly towards high-tech content and multi-function use. One of the most important equipments in the security equipment is the strong light flashlight. At the front end of the anti-glare flashlight, there is an aggressive thorn groove, which can cause pain when attacking a gangster. Moreover, the flashover function of the anti-glare flashlight can also make the gangster temporarily blind and dizzy in a short period of time, which can play a certain protective role.
Improving the use efficiency of security equipment is an important index to measure the scientific level of financial management of public security equipment. With a good security equipment guarantee, it is necessary to strengthen the standardized management of security equipment, so that the security equipment is always in a good state, in order to adapt to the development of public security work. The outer shell of the anti-glare torch is made of titanium alloy and has been oxidized to make it waterproof, anti-explosion, anti-seismic and anti-pressure.
1. High frequency oscillation current is adopted for strong light protection and high strength output current, high capacity dc discharge and large output capacity.
2, use active bright light floodlight, already bright and illume time is long, this company solemnly promises: if have than this money brighter security strong light flashlight, this product gives free gift.
3. Built-in charger, small in appearance and easy to carry.
4. This product has unique appearance and exquisite design, and is an ideal product for home going out and self-defense.
6. Dimensions: length 165mm * head diameter 35mm * cylinder body diameter 28mm.
7. The safety strong light flashlight is small in size and convenient to carry. It has strong light /SOS flash and can be switched at will.
8. Power supply: high storage 18650 lithium ion memoryless battery.
9. Flash of strong light: this function is for defense attack, the night light eyes, can not open at all.