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The brightness is as high as 5000 meters above with what strong light flashlight can be better
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/7/26 Viewed:1691
The brightness is as high as 5000 meters above what flashlight can you use better? Led flashlight with strong light reaches 5000 meters, which is a basic professional enthusiast. However, the requirement of strong light flashlight is very high, but there are many outdoor strong light flashlight. Therefore, in this stage, it is mainly to upgrade some important equipment, and some new demands complement each other. What brand of 5000 meters strong light flashlight manufacturer is good, also can buy according to need, avoid waste.
Clothes. It may be an upgrade, jacket, trousers, coat, trousers, recommended loeffis, ward, yamanghe, groundhog and other high-end products, priced between 1000 and 3000.
Hiking shoes. Better buy their own mountaineering, want to buy more, can put two pairs of thick socks. Recommend scarpa, lasportiva, koloch, price 2000,5000 yuan. 3. Backpack. A few backpacks buy a carrying system that's good, duter, vavde, mountaineering, osprey, people, groundhog is good. The backpack is big enough to carry everything into it, preferably more than 70 liters, not necessarily famous, because the bag is basically a caravan or porter.
In category 4, camping. Generally do not bring your own tent, the sleeping bag procurement velvet, comfortable temperature scale 30, as a sleeping bag has a better marmot, shanhe company, lespheus, price 2000 above.
5. Auxiliary class. Prepare 2 snow goggles, recommended, Smith, at $300,800.
6. Lighting safety equipment. It mainly includes safety belt, safety helmet, 5000 meters strong light flashlight brand, 8 rings and fast link, flat band ice claw, ice axe, these equipment is directly related to people's safety life, led strong light flashlight must buy a regular professional flashlight manufacturer.