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When used, when the baton is in the contraction state, it holds
the handle and flings outward forcefully. The baton will automatically
expand and lock under the action of inertia force. When contracting,
the head of the baton will hit the ground downward, knock back the
police roll completely, and the spring lock in the tail cover will lock the
whole police roll completely. Please wipe the baton clean and keep it
clean before recycling. Keep away from chemicals and corrosive gases
when storing. Usage: Hold the club head in hand, pull it out directly,
lock the chuck with the new label, hear the noise, and lock the baton
firmly. Contraction method: Hold the baton in one hand and press the
tail unlock mechanism lightly. The other hand holds the front pipe and
pushes it back towards the handle until the stick is completely closed,
which is convenient and simple
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